About Extra Good

Extra Good works with nonprofit leaders and aid organizations to support transformation that increases the efficacy and equity of aid projects throughout the world.

We aren’t your typical management consultants, because we understand that it takes more than a good plan to achieve results. We turn ideas into action, and action into results.

We are a capacity-building consulting firm that maximizes our clients’ ability to achieve their goals through hands-on consulting, project implementation support, and accessible, custom resources. We help our clients better help their clients by fostering dialogue, moving beyond assumptions and channeling mission work through the lens of social justice.  We provide our clients the focus and support that makes big visions manageable. Simply put, we help nonprofits identify, focus and execute on the systems, programs and projects that will help them do more good.

Who We Are

Extra Good co-founders Josh Kravitz and Lindsey Barnett are experienced nonprofit leaders with a broad range of expertise across nonprofit sectors. Just as importantly, we deeply understand the joys and challenges of mission-driven work. We’re a close-knit team with complementary skillsets and a deep network of trusted consulting partners, and we’re committed to promoting social justice through our work and the work of our clients.

Lindsey has extensive, proven experience working collaboratively to promote best practices in humanitarian aid throughout her career. With almost 20 years of dedication to promoting social justice in the U.S. and abroad, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge and perspective on the need for continued improvement in nonprofit efficacy and the power of shared knowledge to innovate philanthropy.

Lindsey is a gifted bridge-builder between nonprofits, corporations, local governments, and the academic community. Driven by a commitment to elevate the recipient community’s voice and leadership, Lindsey has a proven track record forging and sustaining partnerships between high-impact programs and corporate partners to accomplish something greater together. Through her expertise in program evaluation, research, and analysis, Lindsey helps organizations ensure these philanthropic collaborations don’t just feel good, they’re actually doing good.

For corporate partners with social responsibility objectives, the ways a nonprofit organization communicates impact is just as critical as accurately measuring it. Lindsey has extensive experience delivering compelling, effective impact communications through volunteer engagement projects, social media, program-based funding proposals and more. For example, Lindsey increased fundraising through a volunteer program from $10,000 to more than $150,000 annually through new partnerships with 40+ corporations and foundations. During her time at MedShare, Lindsey designed and launched its Kimberly-Clark Child & Maternal Health Program, providing a roadmap to partner engagement and a path to measure impact for recipients and communities over a three-year period.

She received her M.A. in International Relations with an emphasis on the Effective Distribution of Aid from New York University, where she conducted research on the misappropriation of aid in Northern Uganda that was published in the Journal of Political Inquiry. Lindsey lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, two children, and her old but ever-faithful labrador.

President and Co-Founder

As Josh left a meeting to develop a new program with a Detroit-based foundation, one of his board members turned to him and said, “You shine in those gatherings.” In fact, Josh thrives most in the behind-the-scenes work of building programs and organizations, and it is through this expertise that Josh most often helps organizations thrive. 

This attunement to the details of nonprofit program design have shaped a career of launches and evolutionary leaps for organizations across the United States. Josh was appointed to serve as MedShare’s first Chief Operating Officer following his contributions to the successful management of the medical aid organization’s response to Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

Josh reprised a similar role for the Dispensary of Hope as Chief Operations Officer, building a platform the group used to grow from a regional aid group to one of the United State’s largest charitable medication distributors. 

Today, as the President and Co-Founder of Extra Good, Josh develops and implements strategies for nonprofit organizations striving to achieve the greatest parts of their vision. Through his experiences creating a financially sustainable medical supply store for aid groups, managing the formation of an association for medical aid organizations that established industry guidelines and fostered discourse, and building out an accredited pharmaceutical distribution center, Josh turns ideas into action that directly contributes to missional objectives and supports the pursuit of social justice.

While adaptability and leadership skills allow Josh to support cross-functional work, he works most closely with clients through the following types of work and projects:

  • Program launch management 
  • Nonprofit organization state-up consulting 
  • Strategic planning
  • Operations assessments 
  • Process Improvement

Josh has a bachelor’s degree in Law and Society from American University, where he was the recipient of the Charles Glover award for business leadership. He also earned a master’s degree from Arizona State University in Rhetoric and Composition while serving as a graduate assistant in their Service Learning program. He, his partner, and their chihuahua live in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Who We Help

We work best with small- to medium-sized nonprofit organizations that are working to grow their impact, as well as discrete programs within larger organizations. Many of our clients are big “idea people,” visionaries with a clear sense of their goals, but a scarcity of resources, whether time, funding, subject matter expertise, or focus (or all of the above!) We believe that lean teams—one-person shops, volunteer-supported organizations and small teams—don’t have to compromise on achieving big results. With Extra Good’s tailored support, our clients can focus on what they do best, transform their approach and realize their goals.