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Community Input: Resources for Understanding and Integrating Community Voice in Aid Work

Community input and leadership create program success.

For people of a certain age and culture, you’ll remember the “do something” scene in “Space Balls.” The officers go down the row, telling their subordinates to “do something.” When faced with difficulty, we look for solutions. It is a hallmark nonprofit instinct. However, without enough community input and leadership, we may not solve the correct problem. This dynamic is precisely why Lean Process Improvement teaches us to identify the root problem before solving it. Creating nonprofit program success relies on community input and leadership. Gathering community input and following the community’s thought leadership get the most important facts on the table. Those closest to the problem will lead your nonprofit program to success because the community best understands its issues. With these facts in hand, your support and ability to facilitate a solution results in greater success.

Following community thought leadership helps nonprofit organizations facilitate solutions that elevate band-aid actions to sustainable resolutions. This set of resources gives suggestions on designing nonprofit programs and projects with the community, whether that community is close to home or around the world.

Resources in this Toolkit

Respecting local communities and healthcare workers
Localization: Shifting Aid Decision-Making to Local Communities
Aid programs accountable to the community
the community voice in urgent responses
participatory development