Program Design + evaluation

We understand what it takes to turn your ideas into action and your action into verifiable results.
With our proven systems, your organization moves beyond assumptions and measurably addresses the root causes of the societal problems you want to solve.
Program Design

Extra Good can help you design and optimize programs to achieve greater impact and sustainability for your organization.

We employ a range of process improvement tools and methodologies to design customized solutions to meet your specific needs and goals. Here’s a glimpse of how we can help you:

Define Your Why
Align your team around a shared understanding of an issue.

Develop Your Solutions
Focus your operations or programs to address your issue directly.

Map Your Actions
Design your roadmap to drive your ideas into action.

Optimize Your Impact
Produce your change model that describes your actions and measurements.

Program Evaluation

Extra Good can show you how to measure outcomes and produce engaging program evaluations that secure additional support.

From donor reports to program assessments, we give you the information you need to demonstrate your impact and attract future resources.

Gather Your Data
Survey and interview your partners about the program’s impact.

Put Your Data in Context
Compare your impacts in a broad situational view.

Evaluate Your Impact
Understand how your program creates change.

Grow Your Resources
Use your program evaluation to attract donations and support.