Use Your Vision Statement Everyday

Visions set the direction for your organization to follow.

A nonprofit organization’s vision statement is a versatile tool that inspires, sets direction, and creates accountability. One of my first bosses in the nonprofit world always challenged me to think entrepreneurial when an opportunity popped up. They wanted me to question if an opportunity, decision, or result contributed to our overall vision, which was not always obvious. However, if you put your vision statement in front of your staff, board, and other stakeholders, it’s easier for them to ask themselves, how does “this” get our organization closer to our aspirational goals?

Vision statements are essential because they define why you do your work and drive all other aspects of your mission, as Simon Sinek describes in his iconic Ted Talk.

These are key advantages of vision-centered organizations:

  1. Guiding Decision-making: A vision statement provides a clear direction and purpose for the organization, helping to guide decision-making at all levels.
  2. Enhancing Focus: A clear vision statement helps to focus the organization’s efforts and resources on what is most important, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Strengthening Accountability: A well-defined vision statement also helps to establish clear expectations and goals for the organization, which increase accountability.
  4. Attracting Supporters: A compelling vision statement can also help to attract supporters and donors to the organization by articulating a clear and inspiring purpose.

At its essence, your organization’s vision drives your design decisions and impact measurements.


Portions of this post were created using ChatGPT.

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