Starting a New Venture in the Dawn of a Post-Pandemic World

Bridging the gap

When we launched Extra Good in early 2020, we knew individually we were looking for new opportunities to help aid organizations and nonprofits meet their biggest challenges. We’re planners and problem solvers by nature—we spent almost a year before we launched planning, evaluating, brainstorming, daydreaming, and talking with friends and colleagues about what the nonprofit sector needs and where our talents lie.

What we didn’t expect was that we’d be launching on the brink of a global transformation—one that would test the mettle of every nonprofit organization (not to mention every person) on the planet.

This, of course, wasn’t in our plans, as elaborate and thoroughly thought-out as they were.

Years in nonprofit work and international aid have also helped us to be light on our feet when the situation requires it.

We learned to pivot even as we were still finding our footing, and in the process have helped a number of organizations find their own footing during this time, stepping in as interim leadership, bridging capacity gaps, and finding novel solutions to emerging problems as the pandemic and the subsequent economic and societal repercussions unfolded.

The level of collaborative, creative problem solving we have achieved through this time blossomed from a foundation of mutual understanding and respect. Despite functional and service adaptations at Extra Good, this principle remains at the core of our mission. Aid works better when people understand each other.

In the spirit of mutual understanding, we have decided to kick off the Extra Good blog with personal introductions. We’re excited to share who we are, and invite you to introduce yourself, too. If you work in the nonprofit or aid sectors and are curious about our approach to launching new initiatives, aligning vision with strategy, and filling capacity gaps, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at, and stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes introductions to the pivoting planners behind Extra Good.

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Congratulations! The non-profit world is lucky to have you!

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