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Hi, I’m Josh Kravitz—the President and Co-Founder of Extra Good. My Co-Founder Lindsey and I have already introduced ourselves in the professional sense here, but there’s far more to the story than our CV’s.

We work hard to understand our clients—their goals, their resources and limitations, the internal and industry politics that influence whether and how things get done, their work-style preferences, and even how they take their coffee—because we believe mutual understanding helps nonprofits function better.

Mutual understanding is, by definition, a two-way street. We bring our full selves to our partnerships, and seek out projects that give us the opportunity not just make the world a better place, but to build relationships and have fun all the while.

What I Bring to the Table

Like many people I’ve met in the nonprofit sector, I didn’t exactly intend to be here. Having limited exposure to the industry as a volunteer, I used to think working in the nonprofit world was just something meaningful to do until I found my “grown-up” career.

That all changed in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, during which I led the coordination of relief efforts at MedShare, a Medical Surplus Recovery Organization headquartered in Decatur, Georgia. I woke up one morning after something like seven straight 12-hour days, thought about the critical work we were doing, and realized, “This is what I am supposed to do with my life.”

My strongest asset as an aid leader is my ability to operationalize innovation. I love to think through the strategy of how a program comes together, what it is meant to accomplish, and how it can grow to serve more people. I may not be the person that will come up with the next great idea to innovate society, but those people with ideas come to me, because I inherently know how to put ideas into action.

Small Talk

Just for fun, here are a few more facts about me that influence who I am, why I get out of bed every morning and how I work.

  1. I grew up in New Jersey, but I’ve spent nearly half my life in the Southern United States. (That is, if you count Washington, DC, as the South—which Southern Living does, so I stand by this claim.) Most recently, I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.
  2. I’m an Eagle Scout. I’m not great with knots and have no affinity for tent camping, but I’d like to own an RV. I also love hiking.
  3. The kitchen is my happy place. I love cooking, especially updating old family favorites – ask me for my recipe for roasted chicken!
  4. I’m on the move. My partner Jason and I have managed four major interstate moves in the nearly two decades we’ve been together. We’re thrilled to be back in Atlanta, though, and are looking forward to regrowing our Atlanta roots.
  5. Must love dogs. My office mate is a vegan chihuahua named Carlos. He’s elderly, finicky, and a terrible typist.
  6. Fun at parties. I met Jimmy Carter once at a picnic and all I could think to say was, “I think those are veggie burgers.”

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Donna Libretti Cooke

Hi, Josh. So great to hear these tidbits about you! I feel so honored that our paths have crossed with kits4life and as I read this, it hit me why we have great synergies — ‘ability to operationalize innovation’! It’s what I believe is one of my strongest assets too 🙂 Did not know you grew up in NJ (yes, I’m a Jersey gal, but believe I was a Roman in a former life and never shy of touting my 5 year stint in Rome!)….I have a dog too, named Charlie!

We make a good team! I spent nearly my whole childhood in Hillsborough. Central Jersey was an amazing place to grow up.

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